Shijiazhuang Xiu Xiu Accessories Sales Co., Ltd.,
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            Small articles of daily use
              ·Smoke oil bottle of PE
              ·Smoke oil bottle of PET
              ·Smoke oil bottle glass
              ·Necklace Pendant
              ·Bracelet Bangle
              ·Long hair wigs
              ·Pear flower in the hair
              ·Fashion short wigs
            Contact us  

            Shijiazhuang Xiu Xiu Accessories Sales Co., Ltd.,

            Address:LEMO Masion 2-608,NO.18 Ping An North Street ,Chang An District,Shijiazhuang City,Hebei Province,China

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                  Shijiazhuang Xiu Xiu Accessories Sales Co., Ltd., to strict modern enterprise management system, so that enterprises in the fierce market competition and survival based on the development and expansion of the determinants, the company distribution wholesale three kinds, (a) smoke oil bottle (PE, pet, glass); (II) S925, S990 Sterling silver; (3) fiber wigs 100% human hair. The company has formed a "everything has a standard. Everybody's task, each piece of work should be controlled" total quality management situation, and now and several retailers and agents established long-term stable cooperative relations, the company strength, heavy credit, abiding by contract, quality, with many varieties and small profits and quick turnover principle, won the recognition of the broad masses of customers at home and abroad. Welcome new and old customers to place an order for!Can also be customized to kind!


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